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Massage Services

All Services are customizable and tailored to accommodate every-body

a combanation of Relaxation techniques and targeted trigger point therapy. This service offers a harmonious blend of gentle, long strokes and focused release techniques all customized to meet your individual needs.

Designed to optimize healing and performance, our sports massage encourages the body's natural healing response with a unique combination of stretching techniques, myofascial release, heat/cryotherapy, Arnica, and TENS unit application.

CBD massage uses cannabis-based topical products to alleviate inflammation, swelling, pain, or tension. CBD is absorbed through the skin and can help reduce chronic pain caused by overuse, injuries, or medical disorders when added to a regular massage routine.

Hot stone massage is a unique combination of heat therapy via warmed stones and massage techniques that effectively promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension, and improves circulation while also alleviate pain, enhancing sleep, boosting mood, and providing an overall sense of calm.


Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic technique that can relieve painful and stiff spots in muscles, tendons and connective tissue, providing immediate relief from acute pain and managing chronic discomfort. The treatment also stimulates improved blood circulation, reduces inflammation, increases range of motion and reduces recovery time.

Manual Lymph Drainage therapy is a gentle massage technique that uses sweeping motions to flush toxins and eliminate inflammation and excess toxins. This therapy can be particularly helpful for people who suffer from acne, migraines, injuries, auto-immune diseases, sinusitis, arthritis, Lyme disease, and general swelling. 

Reflexology targets specific points on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to various organs and systems of the body. This service provides a sense of deep relaxation, improved circulation, enhanced nerve function, reduced stress levels, pain relief, improved sleep quality, and restored balance to the body's systems.

With the option of traditional side-lying or a specialized bolster that provides the ability to comfortably lie face down, our Prenatal service is customizable specifically to alleviate stress and discomforts such as back pain, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling. It also promotes improved blood circulation, better sleep, and eases nervous tension associated with hormonal shifts. 

Fire cupping therapy applies suction to the skin to promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. This treatment also boosts immunity, helping the body's natural detoxification process by eliminating lactic acid buildup and other impurities such as phlegm. It soothes the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby reducing stress levels, which can contribute to overall health.

Facial sculpting massage technique combines lymph drainage with deep targeted strokes to lift, firm, and tighten your face. Experience the results of a natural facelift with this unique massage therapy.

This massage technique involves a slow, rhythmic compressive style that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and promotes relaxation. It helps to restore and maintain the body's energy, which is particularly beneficial to those experiencing fatigue or weakness.

TMJ treatment focuses on the muscles around the jaw, neck, face and Intraoral (or buccal muscles) helping to reduce pain caused by teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and stress while also increasing jaw movement, reducing headaches, neck pain, and shoulder tension. 

Ear seeds or Auriculotherapy involves placing small 24K gold-plated pellets on specific points of the ear, linked to different systems of the body. This gentle, targeted, and prolonged pressure aids in emotional balance, relieves headaches, insomnia, curbs nicotine cravings, and soothes digestive issues.

This service option combines all the benefits of tradtional Fire Cupping but with a cute aesthetic twist! available in Heart or Star shapes.

The plan is to treat yourself. Pampering to the max. It's the best day of the year! We're sparing no expense on this one. This over-the-top service includes: a warm lavender Epsom salt foot soak (treat yourself), artisan chocolates (treat yourself), a TWO HOUR custom massage (treat yourself), 24k gold plated ear seeds (treat yourself), hot stones (treat yourself), CBD (treat yourself), aromatherapy (treat yourself), fire cupping (treat yourself) and a TENS unit treatment. Treat yourself.

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Massage Specials

Find all of our current Massage Specials here. Limited time offer so book today!


Experience warm winter bliss with our 'Yass Queen Sleigh' massage special! Sip on hot herbal tea while your feet luxuriate in an essential oil-infused Epsom salt soak, then feel stress dissolve with your custom massage featuring the warmth of expertly placed hot stones. Enhanced with CBD for deeper relaxation and the tension taming touch of star cupping finishig in a refreshing peppermint scalp massage. Get ready to conquer winter feeling utterly renewed!


this deligHtful service. Begins with a tranquil herbal tea blend and decadent essential oil-infused Epsom salt foot soak. Then, get ready to be pampered like royalty with our cozy sauna blanket treatment, comforting hot stones, and relaxing CBD oil. But that's not all – we use star-shaped suction cups to give the experience an extra touch of whimsy. Elevate your senses with a refreshing peppermint scalp rub and a soothing facial massage, using warm towels and delightful guasha tools to complete this luxurious experience.

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Service Pricing

Beige Cream Minimalist Beauty Salon Price List (Website) (3000 x 2000 px) (Real Estate Fly
Beige Cream Minimalist Beauty Salon Price List (Website) (3000 x 2000 px) (Real Estate Fly
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