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I am first a student then a teacher, recently certified RYT200 in lovely La Jolla, CA May 2022. My first yoga class was in Honolulu, HI where I traded work cleaning the studio for a place to practice and further my learning. My two passions are plants and yoga which Wild Island is home to weave them together.

Let's grow + flow together! 

Holding space to practice, nurture, and play in a jungle oasis with an intimate class.

Opportunity to begin again each time as we step onto our mats.

Exploring beyond the physical postures (asana) and trusting the invitation to meet yourself on your own unique journey of self discovery.

Yoga is limitless in the potential to transform your life.



Beginners Vinyasa: We move at a slow and steady pace, developing safe intuitive attention to alignment in foundational poses. Allowing the breath to lead us into the next posture. Together creating a fluid dance-like movement that builds heat in the body and stillness in the mind. All bodies are welcomed!

Mindful Hatha: The combination of pranayama (breathing exercise) and powerful poses with in a dynamic series is meant to explore the connection to the mind +  body. As poses are held for longer intervals, rooting ourselves into the present moment to move with a focused intention.


Working in cancer research with terminally ill patients, I turned to yoga to find a deeper meaning to Life. I started reading spiritual yoga texts and practiced asana (physical postures of yoga) to compliment them. For me, Yoga has brought about a new perspective on Life and deepened my connections with my body, self, and others.  As a yoga teacher, I am passionate about offering spaces for people to come back to themselves, connect with their body and breath, and grow through yoga. I value the lessons yoga teaches us on and off the mat. Whether you are an experienced Yogi or brand new to Yoga, my classes warmly invite you to come as you are. I look forward to practicing with you! 

My Offerings:

Slow Flow: In this class we will connect to our breath and the present moment as we mindfully move through various poses. We will work to develop awareness as well as to open the body. Experienced and beginner yogis are welcome!

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My name is Victoria Aguillon, I became a certified RYT 200 in May 2022 in gorgeous San Diego, CA. Yoga has been a cherished entity in my life that has allowed me to find moments of peace, as well as connections to my body, mind and spirit. I aim to bring a unique and encouraging space to my classes, a space to honor every moment and breath. As a teacher, my purpose is to provide an environment where students can feel empowered to move and listen to themselves intuitively. I intend to unify strength and asanas to empower all, while simultaneously connecting mindfulness and breath to create moments of harmony achieved from within.

Slow Flow Class Description:

Slow Flow is a meditative practice that give students the space and time to honor themselves throughout every moment. In this class, we will be using our breath as a guide to move through asanas in a gentle, yet challenging way. This slow vinyasa class is a personal practice that welcomes all levels!

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